How Our Affiliate Program Works

  • 1. Submit your affiliate registration (Click Here)
  • 2. Check your email for your username and password
  • 3. Login & provide your PayPal email (needed so we can pay you)
  • 4. Copy our pre-made ad code or generate your own referral links
  • 5. You get 5% commission when someone buys through your link

Who can become an affiliate


Our affiliate program is a way for bloggers, social media influencers, YouTubers or just people with a large following on a social media platform (like Facebook or Instagram) to make some extra cash by sharing the products you already love.

C&L affiliates earn a commission when they refer a sale. (ie. a customer makes a purchase on our website after clicking through from your affiliate link.)

It’s simple, easy, and takes only a moment to get started.