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Loreena Rose

The Naida: 10K or 18K White Gold and 1.5 ct. Alexandrite Engagement Ring, Sterling Silver Hand-Engraved Western Engagement Ring, Cathedral Style Cowgirl Engagement Ring

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Forget simply coastal cowgirl, this ring is for your western mermaid.

With a deep, color-shifting lab alexandrite, this ring is enchanting. You'll be mesmerized by how the stone changes from blues and teals in the shadows to dark reds and purples in direct sunlight.

This fairy-tale-worthy ring not only has the beautiful 1.5 ct. alexandrite to steal the show, it's also been carefully hand-engraved with swirling details. The band itself is 5mm and cathedral-style.

We make each piece one at a time, for every order. Because of this, your final piece may vary slightly from the picture and the engraving style may be adjusted slightly to fit your ring size or customizations. Please refer to the banner at the top of the page to see our current turnaround time.